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Why You Need Pre-Construction Termite Protection

One of the dangers that a house may deal with is termite infestation. Termites are attracted to wooden materials so if there is any timber in your house, they will most likely be vulnerable to termite attacks. Termites can cause  large amounts of damage to a house, and they can even do that while they remain undetected. This is why termites should be eradicated the moment they are detected in the house. However, finding a remedy after portions of the house have already been damaged can be very costly. Many of the timber parts of the house will need to be replaced if the damage is serious. Read more

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Prevent your Dream House from Turning into a Nightmare

You have finally taken the plunge and signed up for a new house. After several months of living in your new home, you discover so many things that need to be fixed or replaced. You find out that the total cost of the repairs almost equals the amount you initially paid for it. This is where the importance of building and pest inspection is evident. There is no law in Queensland requiring building and pest inspection when a property changes ownership. However, it would be prudent for a person intending to buy a house to call in a professional building and pest inspector to determine the true state of the property. Read more

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Building and Pest Inspections on Existing Property

Building and pest inspection is very important when buying or selling a property. It is almost a requirement especially since valuable money is to be spent on this transaction. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by getting the property inspected before any paper is signed. However, property and pest inspection is also important to conduct on an existing building.

Just because the building has been inspected previously does not mean that it will stay as safe and pest free as it was when it was new. For a home that has been standing on a lot for a number of years, many changes could have happened to its structures over the years. Read more

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Inspections

The excitement of owning a new home can easily make you forget some of the finer details in buying a property. When buyers find their dream home or investment they may be tempted to do away with common sense and go ahead with the purchase because it is a home they really want.

For instance, the building and pest inspection, that is highly recommended when you enter into a purchase contract, may seem like a bothersome task when everything looks fine to you. But beware; there could be damage or uninvited guests lurking in places that you can’t see or you don’t know the signs to look out for. Read more

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Existing Home Inspections Provide Peace of Mind

Building and pest inspections could be called “peace of mind” inspections because, once the report is completed and given to the home owner, the key issues, if any, requiring attention are immediately known. Even if some rectification work is required to restore the property to its original sound condition, once that work is done the owners know that their property is safe for occupation. If they then decide to put it on the market, the results of the report become a key part of the marketing strategy. Read more

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Prevention is Always Cheaper Than Major Repairs

Most people who own a car would agree that regular maintenance and servicing prolongs its life, avoids break-downs, makes it much safer to drive and generates a higher trade-in price. Unfortunately, home owners do not put as much effort into protecting their homes from destructive insects as they do into their cars. Their homes are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars more, yet arranging an annual pest inspection is not a high priority. Read more

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Pre-Purchase Inspections Add Value to Renovations

If the popularity of renovator-style television programs is anything to go by, we are a nation of do-it-yourself renovators. We love nothing better than up-styling a less-than-loved property and many of us are very successful at it. However, there are some traps for the unwary that can turn a quick renovation into a major restoration project that eats money for very little return.

What renovators don’t want is to start pulling out the old bathroom only to find that termites have eaten half the framework away. Here are a few simple suggestions to make that renovation a project you will enjoy.

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