At Bob Gunn, we are equipped and experienced in commercial pest control treatments in Brisbane and surrounds. When it comes to commercial pest control, a one-size-fits all approach simply does not work.

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Our processes comply with food regulations standards. Below are just some of the commercial premises we service:


album_photos_medium_40Maintaining a pest-free environment is necessary for restaurant owners. Not only does this help in establishing the reputation of your business, but more importantly, ensures the safety of your diners. Although many states allow owners to perform in-house pest management, there are regulations to follow with regard to ensuring that the equipment used and the food preparation areas are free from insecticides or chemical residues.

Effective measures should also be taken to make sure that the food being prepared, cooked and served are not contaminated with body parts of pests, such as flies and rodents.
To make it more convenient for restaurant owners, we offer fly control, rodent control and general purpose pest management.


Keeping your guests comfortable and safe is one thing that will make your service stand out among competitors. Unfortunately, if you fail in providing them the best experience, negative feedback can easily damage your reputation. A single guest spotting a cockroach or rodent in their hotel room can mean hundreds, if not thousands, of prospective customers avoiding your business. Of course, this means lost income as well. But more than that, failing to maintain the safety of your workplace poses a risk to the health of your employees.

Take advantage of our free, on-site consultation to find out how you can avoid these unwanted circumstances and keep the pests out.


Get quality pest control and prevention services for clubs – at competitive rates.

We provide regular on-site inspections and treatments to avoid potential pest problems. You will also receive full written reports and documents on assessments made, and the preventive measures undertaken by your business to adhere to the policies of the Health and Safety legislation.


Kindergarten schools are a venue for children to learn and explore new things. In order to provide them with a conducive space for learning and discovery, it is essential that they are enjoying a safe environment. Improper use and disposal of pesticides can be hazardous to the health of children.

Our experience in pest management and treatment allows us to assist you with providing a safe place for the little ones.

Nursing Homes

The health and safety of nursing home residents have always been the priority of its administrators. The presence of rodents, cockroaches, and other insects entails sanitary risk. For this reason, regular inspections and preventive measures should be put in place. Not only will this be helpful in avoiding diseases and illness, it will also prevent negative publicity.


With larger groups of children in schools, there is a higher risk in the use of pesticides. Children are more vulnerable when exposed to these chemicals. The exposure is not limited to oral or dietary intake, but as well as exposure to airborne residue.

To discuss pest treatments for schools and other child based facilities, contact our team in Brisbane today and ask to speak to one of our experienced technicians.


Factories are a common target of pests – rodents, termites and cockroaches. It is easier for them to find shelter among pipes and hide underneath the damp areas. However, meeting the health and sanitary standards is necessary for running and maintaining your business, hence, you need to make sure your establishment and equipment are free from infestation.

If you need help with inspections, treatment and pest management, we have experts who can get the job done efficiently and effectively. We use the most advanced technology in providing you with quality pest control services.