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Why You Need a Professional Building and Pest Inspection Before Buying a House

Purchasing a house means some financial risks on the part of the buyer. Care should be taken before jumping into such a big investment. Hiring a professional company to conduct pre-purchase building and pest inspections on the property would be a wise move to get a concrete guarantee that the property investment is a good one.

Professional building and pest inspection is not just a simple check that you need to fulfil because it is required. In fact, it is not required by law and you are not forced to have it conducted. However, there is more than one reason for you to get a professional building and pest inspection report.


Finding Hidden Damage

Whenever you are presented with a house or property for sale, you are shown the good points. You can be taken in by the positive descriptions that sales agents use. However, the outer physical appearance of the property will not be enough to determine if the property is a good buy.

Untrained eyes will not be able to see the hidden strengths or the damages in the building. A professional inspection can uncover any structural defects or damages. These include damages caused by pests such as termites, which attack from inside the structures.


Loan Requirement

If you are planning to obtain a loan to purchase the home in which you are interested, building and pest inspection will play a big role. It is quite normal for lenders to ask for a building and pest inspection report detailing the actual condition of the house. The inspection must be done by a professional building and pest inspection company.

Lenders will not easily approve a loan without being sure that the risks are minimal. If it turns out that there is serious damage to the property, the lender would lose by holding a property worth less than the value of the loan. The lender will want to be holding collateral that is valuable.


Getting the Best Deal

Obtaining a building and pest inspection can help you to get the best deal when buying a house. If there is damage found, you can negotiate for a lower price, taking into consideration the costs you would take in making repairs.

A building and pest inspection report will give you the added assurance that you are buying a good investment. The detailed report can affirm the good condition of the property, or it can let you know that it is best to look for a better option. Either way, you will end up getting the best home purchase deal.

You can obtain a building and pest inspection report from a reliable pest control company, just like Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.