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Why You Need Pre-Construction Termite Protection

One of the dangers that a house may deal with is termite infestation. Termites are attracted to wooden materials, so if there is any timber in your house, they will most likely be vulnerable to termite attacks.

Termites can cause large amounts of damage to a house, and they can even do that while they remain undetected. This is why termites should be eradicated the moment they are detected in the house.

However, finding a remedy after portions of the house have already been damaged can be very costly. Many of the timber parts of the house will need to be replaced if the damage is serious.

Although termites can be eliminated once detected, there is nothing better than preventing their presence in a house. To save you the trouble of having to treat a house infested with termites, pre-construction termite control and protection is recommended. This can be done by a professional pest control company like Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.

Types of Pre-Construction

Hiring a professional termite control company will help greatly in preventing the presence of termites in your home.

There are various types of termite control solutions that can be adopted. It is essential that an on-site meeting/quote be conducted first to determine the best solution that suits your house for construction.

Physical barriers may be used to guard the building against termites. This may involve the use of stainless steel mesh that can block termites from getting inside the home.

The termite control may be in the form of graded granite stones, which the termites will be unable to move and which can block the termites’ entry into the building. Another way of building a physical barrier is the use of metal shields that termites will not be able to penetrate.

Reticulation systems may also be built to prevent termite infestation in the home. These systems are very effective in treating and preventing termite ingress into the house through a series of pipes installed underneath slabs. The pipes serve as an effective system for supplying termite control products when needed.

Upon completion of the termite solution best suited for your home, make sure to have termite inspections at least once a year to ensure that no termite population has popped up.