white tailed spider

White-Tailed Spiders: Control and Management

White-tailed spiders are pests that every homeowner in Queensland needs to be wary about. This insect can attack humans and make painful bites. It is still unclear whether their bites truly cause necrosis, but the harm they cause people is undeniably real.

If you find white-tailed spiders in your home, be cautious about their control and management. Still the best means to get rid of such a pest is by hiring the expertise of a reliable pest control service.


General Characteristics

Eradication of white-tailed spiders starts at identification. In Brisbane, these pests are quite common. You should know what they look like and how they behave before you can even start to think of ways to get rid of them.

White-tailed spiders are recognisable for the white tips at the end of the body. These spiders are native to Australia but can also be found in New Zealand. White-tailed spiders have cylindrical bodies and shiny legs.

Unlike other spiders, they do not spin webs to capture their next prey. Instead, they go on a hunt, injecting their venom into their prey. Their favourite prey is other spiders, although they will also attack humans.


Harm to Humans

White-tailed spiders are the type of pest that can actually attack people if they are found in homes. Their bite can induce local pain and can cause redness, irritation and even allergies. In rare cases, the bite can cause nausea and headache.


Control and Management

White-tailed spiders thrive in gardens but they may also get inside the house where they usually stay within walls. Keeping the house clean throughout will help a lot in keeping these spiders away.

Should you find white-tailed spiders in your abode, quickly seek the help of a professional pest control service to remove them. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide the expertise needed to develop an effective way to remove these pests from the house.

Dealing with white-tailed spiders can be dangerous because there is the danger of being bitten by the spider while looking for them. It is best to entrust the pest management job to a trusted company like Bob Gunn Termite Solutions. The company can provide you with possible solutions that will suit the situation at hand. They also have well-trained pest control specialists who know how to best handle pests like the white-tailed spider.

For more information on the control and management of white-tailed spiders and other pests, visit the company’s website at www.bobgunn.com.au.