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What Are Chemical Barriers for Termites?

Termite infestation is one of the most difficult pest problems. If a house has any timber sections, whether for structures, doors, windows, slabs, floorboards or stumps, termite control and management should be adopted. Ideally, termite consultation is done before construction even begins. This will help to enhance protection of the building against termite attack right from the start.

The moment signs of termites in a residential or commercial building become apparent, intervention from a professional termite control service is recommended to eradicate all of the termites. Effective termite control involves a meticulous process that calls for inspection, identification and formulation of reliable solutions.


Barrier Systems

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide residential and commercial clients with effective measures to eliminate termites from the premises. After removing the pests from the building, a barrier system needs to be built to guard against another onslaught of the termites. Termite barrier systems may be in the form of chemical or both physical and chemical barriers.


Chemical and Physical Defence

Kordon, a physical and chemical barrier, makes use of flexible laminate sheets with a special chemical in between to block termites. This type of barrier is placed around the entry points of termites.

The chemical used is not intended to kill termites but minimises the risk of termites getting inside the house or around timber slabs or footings. However, in high doses, it can.

Placement of this barrier will be based on recommendations made by the pest control company. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions does a thorough investigation as to the extent of the infestation. From there, the company can determine the areas that are more susceptible to termite attacks. They will also determine where termites may travel from below the ground.


Choosing the Right Barrier

The pest control company will develop strategies for stopping termite infestation from happening and make appropriate recommendations based on their findings and based on your budget. You will then have the power to choose which type of termite control and management strategy you will adopt. To learn more, visit the company’s website at