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Mosquito Treatment: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Summer storms and monsoonal rains are part of life in Queensland and they are generally a welcome relief from the heat. If the winter and spring rains have been below par, they also top up our water supplies and hydrate lawns and gardens. However, they also bring mosquitoes. Whilst these pests are annoying, at the same time they can and do transmit disease.

Everyone loves the outdoor lifestyle here in South East Queensland, especially the beach, the backyard pool or hiking in our beautiful national parks. It also makes us vulnerable to attacks from mosquitoes.

We can’t do much about mosquitoes in public places, but as pest control experts, we felt it was time to offer our customers a mosquito treatment for their homes.

In a similar way as a protective termite barrier can defeat termites, so can a non-repellent, residual barrier make life difficult for mosquitoes.

Currently, this service is unique to Bob Gunn Termite Solutions and while we can’t promise to eradicate every one of the pesky creatures, we can reduce their numbers by up to 95%.


Serious Disease Outbreaks Caused by Mosquitoes

We must always remember that mosquitoes, given the right conditions, can transmit several serious diseases. The three that most concern Queenslanders are:

  • Ross River Fever
  • Dengue Fever
  • Barmah Forest virus

There is no cause for panic however, as not every mosquito carries a disease or virus.

Ross River Fever is spread by different types of mosquitoes. Some breed in salty marshes after flooding and spring tides, some in permanent freshwater while the common ones breed in containers left in the garden that will hold water.

The symptoms are flu-like with fever, joint pain and swelling followed by a raised red rash. Medical treatment should be sought but once the patient has recovered, they have life-long immunity.

Almost every year there is a localised outbreak of Dengue Fever usually in the tropical north. Outbreaks are contained by mosquito control methods.

Barmah Forest virus has similar symptoms to Ross River Fever but is of shorter duration. Medical treatment is also similar and the main focus is on managing the symptoms.


Cover up and Destroy Breeding Grounds

The best way to avoid these diseases is to take every precaution against being bitten. Using personal insect repellent, covering arms and legs if outdoors around dusk, screening homes and regularly checking the yard for containers holding water are all very effective.

By combining all these precautions with a Bob Gunn Termite Solutions mosquito treatment, you will have the little blighters running for cover.