Treating Cockroaches with Bob Gunn Termite Solutions

Cockroaches are among the most common pests that can infest a home. They not only cause a nuisance to the residents, they can only be a carrier of harmful diseases. They can be very dangerous to homes with babies and small children, who are more vulnerable to attacks of cockroaches. Asthmatic people are also in danger of exposure to a cockroach infestation.

At the first sign of cockroach living in the premises, measures must be taken to clear the home of cockroaches.


General Characteristics

There are around 4,000 species of cockroaches that exist globally, but there are only just above 400 species that are present in Australia. The most common species found in homes are the German cockroach, the American cockroach and the Australian cockroach, which actually came from Asia.

The Australian and the American cockroaches grow to about 40 mm in length, while the German cockroach only grows to around 10 mm in length. Cockroaches thrive in warm, humid places and tend to look for dark places where they can hide their eggs.

Cockroaches are attracted to scraps of food and wastes that have been left lying around. Because they can move from waste materials such as dung, it is very easy for them to contaminate food and utensils that they touch. Contamination can come from the cockroaches’ droppings, secretions and empty egg shells.


Treating Cockroach Infestation

Because of the danger they pose to human health, it is important to remove cockroaches from the home. Proper hygiene and cleanliness is necessary to keep cockroaches away from the home.

Food must always be kept in clean and tight containers not accessible to cockroaches. Do a thorough clean of the kitchen floors and benchtop, making sure that there are no food particles left on them. It is also important to keep waste covered properly. Cockroaches, as well as other pests, are attracted to damp, dark places, to be sure to check for any leaks in the pipes.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide effective removal of cockroaches from the home. For proper pest eradication, the company will first conduct a thorough building and pest inspection Brisbane to determine the extent of the pest problem. The pest inspection will help seek the different hiding places of cockroaches.

Treatment would involve applying pest control chemicals to crevices and dark areas where pests like cockroaches typically hide. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has highly trained pest control specialists who are very much qualified to deal with your cockroach infestation problem.