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Tips to Reduce Issues With Mosquitoes After Storms

No one really likes mosquitoes, but each year they keep coming back. The wet season is particularly inviting for them especially if there are flood waters left behind. As we all know, the hot months here can really bring on some fantastic storms, and with that, damage and perfect conditions for these bloodsuckers to thrive.

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we have a unique treatment that will certainly help control any mosquito issues you have or may have to deal with in the future. However, here are some tips to reduce issues with mosquitoes after storms you can take to reduce the annoyance of mosquitoes.

Prevention Is Best

The best way to control the number of mosquitoes around your home is to prevent them from breeding. Mosquito treatment and application of chemicals to reduce adult numbers need to be applied by a qualified pest control technician like someone from our team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.

Minimise Breeding

Mosquitoes like to breed in shallow, stagnant water that has a lot of debris or vegetation around. One way to prevent areas like this around your home is to do your best to clear any puddles of debris that may be preventing the water flowing away.

If you have any items around the home that have filled with water after storms or heavy rain, these need to be emptied. Boats, containers, bird baths and buckets are just a few examples. If your pool has been contaminated by flooding then this will need to be treated with appropriate insecticides.

Any still water that is not able to be drained will need to be treated also and this should be discussed with our team.

Protect Yourself

As we all know, mosquitoes can carry unpleasant and even potentially fatal diseases and illnesses. If you are experiencing a large number of mosquitoes, or any at all, it’s a good idea to protect yourself and other members of the household.

If you need to head outside, wear insect repellent or light clothing that is also light in colour. From dawn to dusk is the riskiest time with mosquitoes, so if possible avoid being outside during these times.

Insect screens are godsends in our part of the world, but if these are not effective enough then nets over beds, plug in insecticides and mosquito coils are very helpful. If you do find you get a lot of bites it is best not to scratch these, however great the temptation. Apply anti-itch lotions to avoid this.

Be Informed

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