7 Tips to Avoid Bugs on the Barbie

Friends having a barbie

Spring and summer bring the perfect weather to enjoy a good ol’ backyard barbecue party with family and friends. However, as the months get warmer and warmer, more and more pests come out from hiding too.

Ants, mosquitoes, wasps and flies are just some of the nuisances that can ruin the fun. Avoid these and other bugs on the barbie with the following tips from Bob Gunn Termite Solutions:

1. Wear Light-Coloured Clothing and Use Neutral Food Containers and Plates

Insects such as bees and mosquitoes have impressive visual perception. Red, orange and yellow attract bees (even though they cannot actually see the colour) while black, blue and red attract mosquitoes. Flower-looking patterns are also bug magnets. Keeping everything plain and in light colours prevents winged insects from landing on your food (and you).

2. Don’t Put on Cologne, Perfume and/or Fragrant Lotion

The olfactory sense of insects is, more often than not, as strong as their sense of sight. Apart from the smells of food, they are easily drawn to the scents of perfumes and colognes (and even sweat!). Avoid the bugs by swapping fragrances with spray repellents, preferably those with DEET or menthoglycol.

3. Take Advantage of Candles

A lit candle’s heat irritates flies. Use this to your advantage. Light up a candle near your plates and see the number of pesky flies hovering nearby reduce. It’s simple but it works! Just make sure to secure the candles from being knocked over, especially by little hands.

4. Keep the Bin Away

Never set up your barbie within 50 feet of a rubbish bin. Ants and other insects swarm around trash and often surround the bin.

5. Prioritise Cleanliness and Sanitation

Wipe spills right away. Similarly, fallen pieces of food or crumbs should be picked up or swept away and thrown in a (faraway) bin immediately. Maintaining the cleanliness of your area goes a long way in preventing bugs from disturbing your barbie.

6. Cover Your Food and Drinks

The only sure way of keeping insects from landing on your food and falling in your drinks is by covering your edibles and beverages at all times—a self-explanatory tip.

7. Build a Barrier

Make a “moat” for your table by placing a saucer filled with water under each table leg. This makeshift moat will keep ants from climbing up for sure.

If this is not possible, rub cinnamon or talcum powder with a cotton ball around the area where the food will be. You can also apply it on the table legs and the bare table (if you’re using a tablecloth) just for added protection. Wipe off any excess cinnamon or talcum powder.

When to Call a Professional

Follow these tips and have an awesome, pest-free barbie this season. If you think that the bugs have become unstoppable, however, it is best to call a pest control company that offers a range of cost-effective solutions—just like Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.

For your pest control needs, contact us today. We offer free quotes to clients in and around Brisbane.