Hands holding mulch

Tips on Using Mulch in Your Garden

Termites are, unfortunately for some, a fact of life. They are pests that you definitely do not want in your home. However, if you look at the big picture, they are vital to our ecosystem, so preventing them from entering your home is, of course, the best thing you can do.

One preventative measure that will help you sleep easier at night is making sure that the mulch in your garden is not going to make a gateway for termites to access your home. Mulch does not necessarily increase your risk of termites, but if they are already in your soil, then it is best to follow these tips when applying mulch to your garden beds.

Keep a bare strip between your garden and house – It’s a good idea to have at least a metre between your house and garden beds. This keeps shrubs and trees from touching the home and also means any mulch you have on the gardens is far enough away that termites cannot easily access your home. Also, remember to leave an exposed area of the slab so that detection of termites entering the home is easier.

Don’t water the house – This sounds silly, we know. What we mean is, when you are watering your gardens, try to avoid getting too close to your home’s foundation. Keeping this area dry will make it less desirable for termites.

Keep mulch dry – Termites are not attracted to the mulch itself but to the cool moisture-filled cover it provides. If your garden has a tendency to stay wet after hosing or rain, keep the layer of mulch to a minimum and turn/rake the mulch every now and then to let it dry and aerate.

Be aware – Always be aware of the signs of termites in your home. If you find any mud trails or signs of termites inside, contact Bob Gunn Termite Solutions as soon as possible to get a termite inspection for your home.