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Simple, Effective Ways on How to Keep Out Wasps

Similar to other insects, wasps have a vital role in the ecosystem through pest control and pollination. However, we tend to be scared of them and their venomous sting whenever we see them fly close by. Thankfully, there are a few facts to keep in mind, and some simple tips and tricks on how to keep out wasps.

1. Wasps are not only into sweets.

People usually think that sugary food and drinks are the only things that can invite wasps. That’s usually the case, but they also prey upon insects which they feed to their baby wasps. These baby wasps are carnivorous, so the mama and papa wasps also look for protein-based food like that slice of ham in your sandwich.

2. Always cover your food.

Simply placing covers on food helps keep out wasps. It’s the smell that attracts them, so it’s important to seal them by tightly closing the lids and caps on food containers until it’s time to serve them. If you don’t have food containers at home, you can also use mesh cloth to cover them. (Wasps can still smell them, but they typically give up and go away afterwards.)

3. DIY wasp traps are inefficient.

Remember what your mum always tells you: “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.” So, when you see a do-it-yourself project on traps (like beer traps) that they claim can keep out wasps, don’t try it. It will cause the opposite by luring them to you.

4. Don’t wave and run.

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t wave around your hands and run when you see them around buzzing. Movements do not scare and keep out wasps but instead trigger their threat alert that will make them sting you. Therefore, it’s best to stay calm and still when they fly around. (But don’t forget to breathe.) They’ll just pass by afterwards.

5. Wasps bring their friends with them.

Whenever a wasp finds a source of food, they send out signals to other wasps in order to share what they find. The best way to keep out wasps is to trap the first wasp that you see. You can use a cup or a glass in order to isolate them, and then let them go once you’re done eating.

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