Termites to Be Used in Germ Warfare

The termite is such a clever little creature. It can wreak havoc on house and home and the amazing thing is you may never know they are there until it is too late. The repair bill can run into the thousands of thousands.

Whilst the idea of using termites for germ warfare is just a joke, you can imagine how harnessing its ability to conceal itself until the damage is far past repairable could be alluring in the field of espionage.

Finding a helmet that fits them is a challenge, and the other tricky thing is they are unable to be trained to target one particular piece of wood. They would rather choose to eat a bit of that one, and a bit of another one, and oooh! A bit of that one. Yum!

Whilst a bit of joviality is always a good thing, we realise that when these bits of wood are from the substructure, walls or trusses of your home, it is no laughing matter.

A single colony can house thousands of hungry mouths able to consume up to six kilogrammes of food a year.

They just love it when it is warm and moist, which means they love living in Australia. They possess a particular preference for the warmer coastal areas, which means just about everywhere we humans like to live, there they are.

Unobtrusive, Effective Treatment

We offer many excellent treatments to deter these pests and keep your home clear. The most effective treatment Bob Gunn Termite Solutions offers, we believe, is the Altis reticulation system.

This system is brilliant if you are constructing a new home as the flat pipes can be laid prior to the slab being poured. They do not interfere with the slab in any way and they become invisible to everybody, including the termites.

The chemical is pumped evenly through the pipes and is safely released at controlled points to ensure long-term protection.

This system can also be installed as an effective barrier after construction, so if you are looking for an economical treatment that is easily concealed without leaving the dreaded, expensive and tell-tale drill holes around your property, then this is the system for you.

The Altis reticulation system is easily topped up should the need arise and will offer continual protection from white ants. Now that is peace of mind.