termite damaged wood structural damage Sunshine Coast QLD

Termites: The Hidden Predator to Queensland Homes

There are many things that can reduce the value of a property. The environment can answer for a lot of those reasons. The blistering South East Queensland heat with its associated storms can wreak havoc. There is also no doubt that simple household maintenance not being carried out can become a larger problem.

The silent and stealthy termite is a major threat. These white ants are not like a rodent you can hear scurrying around after lights out. They burrow through the earth to find weaknesses in your slab or travel up poles and wiring to find suitable access. They can move right into your home without you being aware.

Termites or white ants have been known to destroy entire houses around the people living in them. A termite has the ability to burrow within the cavity walls of a property, nibbling away at the lovely soft pine timbers used for framing and skirting boards.

South East Queensland is heavily populated by what is known as a Queenslander. These predominantly timber homes are at risk of destruction due to a large amount of soft timber used in their construction.

You may not be aware of termites taking up residence until a picture falls off the wall for no reason. It is even more distressing when you discover that damage caused by termites is not covered by your insurance.


Termite Solutions Abound

Our licenced team of pest control technicians are able to inspect your property to assess your overall pest infestation and offer several money-saving termite barriers alternatives.

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we offer a range of treatments to eradicate termites. These include chemical and physical barriers, reticulation systems and chemically treated blankets.

Due to the large threat termites have to property, it is now a requirement that all new constructions in Queensland must be treated to prevent termite infestation. This happens prior to the commencement of construction.

We will carry out a treatment to the soil in the area in and around where the slab is to be situated. If you are building a home on stumps or concrete block, we will install a treated blanket on top of these before the main part of the building is commenced.

We are also able to offer general pest control to help eradicate cockroaches, silverfish, black ants, moths, mice and rats.