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The Importance of Pre-Construction Termite Protection

Termites are among the more dangerous insects that homeowners should be wary about. Any building with timber posts, wooden doors, windows and timber stumps is in danger of suffering from the damaging effects of termites.

One of the best ways to tackle the termite problem is through prevention. Before the building is even constructed, measures can be taken to ensure that termites will not infest the building. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide homeowners and project managers with the right solution for their construction project.


Why Protect Against Termites

There are pests that don’t have to be obvious before a measure is taken against them. Such is the case with termites.

You need not wait for termite attacks. If you do, your property would by then be partially or significantly damaged to the core. It can cost you huge amounts of money to do repair and restoration work, especially if the termites have done considerable damage to the foundations and structural portions of the home.


Pre-Construction Solutions

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide termite solutions and money-saving termite inspections. The initial inspection is an important step in coming up with the best solution for termite control and prevention.

The company offers site inspection free of charge to assess the needs of the project. The homeowner or project manager can choose from two types of barriers to protect the home from termite infestation.

Installing a Kordon termite barrier forces subterranean termites to travel outdoors where they are easily seen and detected, especially during inspections. Resulting in quicker termite eradication, it is a great method of protecting properties while keeping loved ones as well as pets safe.

Another way of preventing termite entry to the house is through a reticulation system such as that from Altis. The Altis reticulation system has been proven to be very effective in keeping termites out of the property. In the reticulation system, a barrier is built around the perimeter of the house. This barrier delivers ample amount of chemicals to kill termites in the area and to keep them from coming near the property.

All termite control systems provided by the company need to be checked regularly at least once a year to see if there are any loopholes in the barrier.