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What Are Chemical Barriers for Termites?

Termite infestation is one of the most difficult pest problems. If a house has any timber sections, whether for structures, doors, windows, slabs, floorboards or stumps, termite control and management should be adopted. Ideally, termite consultation is done before construction even begins. This will help to enhance protection of the building against termite attack right from the start.

The moment signs of termites in a residential or commercial building become apparent, intervention from a professional termite control service is recommended to eradicate all of the termites. Effective termite control involves a meticulous process that calls for inspection, identification and formulation of reliable solutions. Read more

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Pre-Construction Termite Solutions

Dealing with termites is never easy. They come from the ground and quietly creep into the timber portions of the house.

Their presence is not felt until that time when the problem is in the advanced stage. An advanced stage is when floors are already creaking or are uneven, wooden posts and stumps are becoming damaged, and support posts are so damaged that the ceiling can potentially be falling on you.

The best way to combat termites is to start early. In fact, it is ideal that termite control solutions be implemented right at the start of the construction. This can be provided by termite specialist Bob Gunn Termite Solutions. Read more

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Cost-Benefits of Termite Control Services

Many Australian homes are susceptible to damage caused by termites. In a 2006 report by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, it was estimated that termite attacks cost around $910 million yearly. That cost has continued to rise since then.

For a single home to repair the damage caused by severe termite infestation, it costs an average of $7,000. The cost to repair the damage includes the services of a termite specialist in addition to the repair of the parts of the house affected by the infestation. Read more