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3 Main Termite Barriers in Brisbane

The three main termite barriers employed in Australia are the following:

• Physical
• Chemical
• Visual

One of these barriers on its own may not be enough to satisfy the Australian Standard AS 3660, as is the case with the visual barrier. It may be that you will need to incorporate one system with another to ensure that termite invasion is reduced.

So let’s take a look at the systems and break them down.

Visual Barrier

The visual barrier demands that a minimum of 75mm of slab is exposed to allow for regular visual monitoring of any activity.

For above-ground buildings, a minimum of 400mm must be available to conduct this visual monitoring.

On its own, the standard advises that a visual barrier is not effective enough and must be incorporated with either a physical or chemical barrier.

Chemical Barrier

The chemical barrier can be achieved in two ways and the choice of which barrier used will be determined by the type of construction, that is, a slab or above ground construction.

A physical spraying of the soil under the slab using chemicals approved by the NRA (National Registration Authority) is one way to protect a building.

The other is the installation of a reticulated system that involves the laying of pipes around the perimeter of the property. These pipes are “charged” with chemical and must be monitored at regular intervals.

Physical Barrier

The physical barrier again is governed by the style of construction.

A property that is above the ground may require the use of ant capping, which is made from galvanised steel. You may also lay laminate sheets sandwiching a termite-treating chemical, such as Kordon, around the entry points of termites.

The Choice is Yours

Whichever style of protection you choose it is important you understand that these methods have been chosen because they will force the humble termite out of hiding and into the light of day.

This will then give you an opportunity to treat any invasion quickly and correctly.

If you should have any questions about which style of treatment is best for you, the friendly and experienced staff members at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions are happy to answer them and assist you with making the correct choice.