black ants close up Queensland

Summer Brings out the Best in Mother Nature!

You can’t win with ants. When it is looking like rain, you see them scurrying around creating defences to protect their homes. Some of them seek shelter indoors and like it so much that they decide to stay and set up home in wall cavities and ceilings.

Whilst the common Black Ant measuring only 2.5-3mm long or the Coastal Brown Ant, which can get as big as a whopping 4mm, will do everything to protect their homes; the truth is they need moisture and sustenance to survive.

This is when your kitchen and areas where children eat come as a delightful discovery to these pint-sized six-legged creatures. Imagine the joy of finding a sweet rock, commonly known to us as a jelly bean, hidden in a crevice. Or perhaps that speck of gravy left over from last night’s dinner on your kitchen bench. This represents a veritable feast.

Like the rest of us, the other essential for survival is moisture. This is why you will experience a greater invasion during the hot dry summer months as scouts are sent out in search of this life-preserving element.


Getting Rid of Them – Safe for Them, Safe for You

It is not a good idea to get out the Baygon and start spraying willy-nilly. These days, we are all very much more aware of the health risks with everything from drinking unfiltered water to how our food is grown, let alone using pesticides. You have to think consciously about your food preparation areas as well as where the children play.

A reliable pest inspection will set you on the right road. Our professional team members at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions are trained and certified to treat all kinds of pest infestations.

We are able to inspect and assess all types of pest issues and then offer not only suitable guidance but also the proper application of any and all treatments. The solutions we offer are based on sound investigation and an understanding of the behavioural issues of each creepy and crawly.

Whilst it is essential to eradicate unwanted visitors, it must be done thinking mindfully of Mother Nature. Without these little buddies, who would eat the white ants and other insects that invade our homes?

You probably do not even realise that the nests you see outside in your garden are improving your soil due to their quick recycling of nutrients.

Let us help you keep the status quo by administering where it’s needed. Give us a call today!