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Spotting a Redback Spider

Redbacks are by far one of the most feared spiders in Australia. Their toxic bite can cause all kinds of upsets to those who come across them, including death. While some spiders are considered ‘ok’ and even ‘useful’ to have around the house, the redback is not one of these.

If you find you have redback spiders in your home or business, then these will need to be removed as soon as possible. It needs to be done so professionally by a pest expert like someone from our team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.

You can learn about removing redback spiders with us. In the meantime, if you are unsure about identifying a redback spider the following information may help.

Know Your Enemy

It’s important to know what you are dealing with. While everyone knows the redback is called a redback because of its signature red stripe, not all Redbacks have this. Males are not as large as the female redback spider, which is generally the size of a small marble.

Redbacks are fearless, particularly the females who will mate with the male and then eat him. These poisonous nasties are also gutsy enough to go for larger animals like mice, vertebrates and other spiders.

Know How They Look

It’s important to know how a redback spider looks. In the event where you think you have spotted one, you must not try to capture it in a jar or attempt to remove it. The female redback is extremely venomous and will bite you.

Redbacks have a bulbous abdomen, which as mentioned, often carries the signature red stripe, though not in all cases. Males are rarely seen but these are brown, small and carry white and red markings; immature females have a similar look.

The adult females are jet black and may or may not have a red stripe on their backs (abdomens). You would no doubt have seen pictures of the redback spider.

If you find a spider that is shaped like this without the stripe, it is far safer to assume that it is a redback and call a professional or take a photo for identification.

Know Where They Live

Redbacks will rarely leave their webs; even though the females are very poisonous, they are not aggressive, neither are the males. So then it is a good idea to know where their webs might be.

Redback webs can be found in boxes, old furniture and building materials that are piled outside the home as well as building foundations.

Always check your mailbox before reaching inside. When gardening or moving stacked items around the outside of your home, always wear gloves.

Contacting our professional team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions is the only sure way to correctly identify redback spiders and remove them from your home.