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Silverfish Can Damage Your Home

Silverfish, unlike other common pests in Australia, do not attack people, but they are certainly a nuisance to have in the house. They can bring huge damage to your precious properties in the house, so they need to be removed from the premises once they are spotted.

Silverfish are generally nocturnal insects. They have elongated, wingless bodies covered with scales. They got their name from the silvery appearance of their skin and their fish-like shape. Silverfish like to be in dark, undisturbed places such as a library, a closet or wardrobe. These pests feed on anything that contains starch and protein. However, they can live without feeding for about a year. Nevertheless, in a house, there are many items that they can readily feed on.


Damage to Homes

If left alone, a group of silverfish can bring huge damage to items in your house. They can feed on pages of books or they can chew on your clothes placed safely in your closet.

You could end up finding clothing items chewed off by silverfish. They can also chew on your furniture, carpets, paint, paper or photographs if they are not eradicated completely.


How to Control Silverfish

At the first sign of damage caused by silverfish, it is recommended to make a plan for pest control. Otherwise, they will thrive and silently destroy items in your house.

The first step in removing silverfish in your home is to thoroughly clean cabinets and cupboards in the house, making sure that there are no food scraps that insects can feed on.

Hiring a professional pest control company is the best way you can get rid of silverfish in your house. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions provides a comprehensive pest control plan for customers to let them know of their situation. The company will let the client know of the best solutions available to get rid of the pests.

The pest control specialists at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions are all skilled and licensed to handle pest control materials that will completely eradicate pests such as silverfish. While you may think it would be easy to kill the pests through pest control solutions, it is always better to leave this in the hands of licensed professionals. Learn more about effective pest control methods today.