white ant close up Brisbane QLD

SE Qld Home to Several Destructive White Ant Species

Termites, or white ants as they are more commonly known, are the single most destructive pest species in Australia. Annually, they damage more than 180,000 homes and other buildings.

Geographically, white ants are spread throughout the country in varying concentrations, with the only exception being Tasmania where the risk is negligible. They are resilient survivors with voracious appetites and live in colonies largely hidden from view.

Our professional eradication teams here at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions have seen first-hand the financial burden and emotional stress that infestations cause to building owners.

Generally, the cost of rectification is not covered by insurance, leaving the owners with thousands of dollars in costs to repair their properties. Of the 300 different species in Australia, there are six that are of particular interest to residents of South East Queensland.


The Second Most Destructive Species Loves South East Queensland

The second most destructive white ant species in the country, the Coptotermes acinaciformis, loves the urban lifestyle and will flourish anywhere there is moisture and a quiet, undisturbed place to build a nest.

Unfortunately, this is usually in suburban gardens with lots of eucalyptus trees, under concrete slabs, patios, and in the unused space between garden sheds and fences. This species is particularly destructive because it forms ancillary nests in wall cavities and treks back and forth from there to the main colony.


Timber, Moist Areas and Contact With Soil: All Red Flags

Schedorhinotermes intermedius is also destructive but does not create these distressing ancillary nests in homes. Their nests can be found in tree stumps, under houses and anywhere that timber comes into contact with the soil.

Nasutitermes walkeri is much less destructive to buildings, but because it likes damp or decaying timber, it can damage poorly ventilated subfloors.

Easily recognised by its dark, pointed head, Nasutitermes exitiosus builds a moulded nest, often under decks and sub floors. It is not as destructive as others but still causes damage to timber in moist areas.

Coptotermes frenchi can be found in South East Queensland but is more of a pest in New South Wales and the ACT.

Heterotermes ferox builds their nests next to stumps and logs and cause the most damage to poles and fences.


Professional Pest Inspection Essential

Our professional operators at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions have more than 25 years of experience at eradicating white ants. We can say with certainty that a vital termite inspection is the best way to keep these voracious and persistent destructors out of buildings.

If white ants are found, we can remove them and discuss with you a range of solutions to keep the problem from recurring. Go to www.bobgunn.com.au for further information.