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Removing Wasps From Your Home

Wasps can be a huge problem in Australian homes, especially during the summer season. There are thousands of species of wasps in Australia and some of these species can be very harmful to people. One of the more dangerous types is the European wasp, which manages to survive Australian winter and multiplies immensely in the warmer months.

During winter, wasps hibernate, but as winter begins to thaw, the queen wasp starts producing baby wasps again. With the help of her workers, they build a large colony as the climate becomes more bearable. By summer time, their number can reach up to a hundred thousand worker wasps.


Health Danger

These creatures can be a health hazard if they are found indoors or anywhere near homes. While some wasps do not sting, some wasps do, releasing toxins into the victim’s body. The European wasp, for instance, attacks more aggressively when their nest is disturbed, compared with other wasps.

Some stings can cause allergic reactions in some people. Another danger with wasps is that, unlike bees, they can sting their victim many times. They can also alert other wasps to come to their aid and help in stinging the victim. It can be doubly dangerous if the person is stung in the mouth as the sting can cause breathing difficulties.


Wasp Management

Wasps are most vulnerable when they come out of their winter hibernation. They are sluggish the first time they come out of their hiding places. They can be contained with the help of a vacuum cleaner or fly swatter. You can prevent them from coming inside the house by spraying eaves with pest solution.

A better way of getting rid of wasps, however, especially if their numbers have become uncontrollable, is by getting the services of a professional pest control service. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide homeowners with the right service they need to resolve their wasp issue, no matter the size.

The first step to effectively control wasps in your home is to determine the extent of the pest problem. This can be done with a thorough building and pest inspection to see if there are places in the house where wasps can be hiding and building nests.

Bob Gunn’s strategy in wasp control involves proper evaluation of the pest problem. Viable solutions are then recommended to the homeowner, who will have the power to choose which type of solution to adopt.

Wasps are serious pest problems to have in a house. At first indication of their presence in the home, a solution must be formulated to avoid danger to residents.