Removing Redback Spiders in Homes

While not all spiders are harmful, there are some that you simply cannot have in your house. Some spiders may be helpful, catching other insects such as flies and mosquitoes, but some spider species do bite and some of them can cause allergies and even illnesses. One good example of harmful spiders is the redback spider, which is endemic to Australia.

As their name suggests, redback spiders are recognisable for the red stripe on their backs. Redback spiders are round and approximately 1 cm in length. They have toxic venoms, which make them quite dangerous to have roaming around the house. To effectively remove redback spiders from your residence, it is important to know how they feed and where they hide.


A Clean and Spider-Free Home

album_photos_medium_127To prevent redback spiders from living in the home and the garden, avoid stacking things against the outer walls of the house. Redback spiders live well in gardens and they love hiding behind items such as boxes and other unused articles you have moved outside the house.

You also need to be careful when working in the garden, especially if you have seen redback spiders outside the house. When cleaning up around the garden, be sure to wear gloves and boots to give you protection from spider bites.

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Redback spiders enjoy dark and quiet areas, so they will be building webs in places such as your garage, especially if it is filled with unused items around it. Keep areas like the garage free from clutter to avoid the proliferation of spiders.

Spiders feed on other insects, so if you want your home to be free from spiders, get rid of other insects as well. Keeping the house clean is a first step to having a pest-free environment.


Removing Redbacks

Redback spiders can be difficult to remove because mere spraying of pesticides cannot kill redback spiders. Their hiding places have to be identified.

Thankfully, pest control specialists from Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can correctly identify where redback spiders are hiding because they know the insect’s life cycle and habits. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions is able to formulate an effective way of removing all instances of redback spiders in the home and garden.

Holes and crevices will be inspected for the presence of redback spiders. Spiders may also be living inside gutters, so those will have to be checked for signs of redbacks as well. A systematic method of pest removal is needed for removal of such pests as redback spiders. You can find out more about effective pest removal.

Redback spiders can be a challenge to eliminate because they have very good survival instincts. The best way to rid the house of redback spiders is by hiring a professional pest control service.

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