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Reducing the Population of a Rat Colony

Rats make lovely pets. They are inquisitive, friendly and make great companions for children as they are also relatively easy to train to do tricks, which mean that they are also very intelligent.

Far distant from the domestic rat are the ones that prefer to hide in dark or little-used spaces such as ceiling and wall cavities, under flooring or in the garden shed or chicken coop. These little feral animals can wreak massive amounts of destruction as they just love to chew. Rats have been responsible for destroying floor boards, architraves, furniture and even plastic.

Some house fires have been directly related to rats chewing through electrical wiring.

Difficult to Notice

As rats are so intelligent, they are not likely to be caught by us humans as they scurry about their business. They will hide until the coast is clear and they continue on their merry way.

One of the first signs that you may pick up on is droppings. They are not the cleanest animals in the world and do their business wherever they may be at the time.

Other small indications may be a dark patch of dirt and grease appearing along the bottom of the wall or floor created by them trekking to and fro. Obvious noises in the roof are another glaring example.

You may possibly see their tracks, or what is referred to as rat runs, in the foliage of your garden or grassy areas. If you see a rat or several rats out in the open then you know you are in trouble. As they are such secretive animals, a sighting in the open usually means there is no room at the inn.

Eradication Methods

There are several ways we know of that can help you by reducing the population of a rat colony and destroyers of property. If you have a young, active cat you will have some luck with getting rid of a few rats.

A carpet python will also work wonders on reducing the population of a rat colony! A Jack Russel Terrier is also very good at catching mice and rats. Provided these solutions do not push the rats further into hiding that is, and let’s face it, not everybody wants a pet snake!

There are also plenty of traps on the market that you can set up where you think they will do the best job. Rats are canny though and can be very wary of new objects in their environment.

The issue with all these solutions is they are not 100% effective. Our crew at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions have been responsible for the eradication of entire nests of rats, so give us a call and don’t delay.