Protect Your Garden From Rodents - Woman Digging in a Vegetable Garden

How to Protect Your Garden From Rodents

Horticulturists are faced with a broad range of challenges on a day to day basis. These may include unfavourable weather, defective irrigation and, on a larger scale, current economic conditions. The most mundane yet biggest problem that most of them have, however, is perhaps safeguarding their crops against rodents.

If you’re a horticulturist or simply a gardener, you’re in for a treat. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has provided you with the following tips on how you can protect your garden from rodents:

1. Determine what kind of pest is lurking in your garden. Faeces, mounds of soil and tunnels are a few signs that something has chewed an opening into your property.

2. Inspect your yard and garden closely and identify the spaces which attract rats and mice the most.

3. Ensure you don’t have a water source or pet food waiting for them. Rodents can also turn wood piles or ground covers into their homes. In fact, merely owning a garden is enough to lure them in.

4. Once you’ve determined what rodents are on your property and the reason why they’re there, devising a control and management plan is necessary. Our team can help you with this one. We implement eradication solutions that are based on each pest’s biology and habits. This ensures that no harm is done to the environment and to other animals in the vicinity.

5. Make your yard less attractive to them.

6. Isolation is typically a key in controlling rats and mice. Cover potential entrance holes, install fences such as electric ones and use hardware cloth to prevent animals from tunnelling under the wall and getting into your garden beds.

Whilst you can utilise deadly tactics such as traps to protect your garden from rodents, it is imperative to leave rodent control in the hands of those who know best. Let Bob Gunn Termite Solutions address your pest issue for you. Contact us in Brisbane today and worry about one less thing when it comes to your crops, garden and home.