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Professional Help Needed to Control Dangerous Spiders

With summer comes many of the delights that attract people from everywhere to experience our way of life. Long white beaches, rolling surf, backyard pools and barbeques and warm nights draw people to enjoy the outdoors. Of course, with every positive, there is negative, and the warmer weather sees increased activity by spiders in search of prey.

White-tailed spiders become a nuisance to humans in summer as they roam urban environments looking for prey. They do not make webs but live in dark places among leaf litter, bark, bush rocks and fallen timber.

Suburban backyards make perfect hiding places from where they emerge at night, crawling around looking for food, usually other spiders.


Always More than One Spider Inside the House

This makes them difficult to eradicate completely, and pest control operators are kept busy during summer keeping workplaces and homes as free as possible of this pest. Here at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we recommend that householders contact us immediately if they are experiencing regular sightings of these spiders, especially inside the home.

The white-tailed spider hides in bedclothes, underneath clothing or towels left on the floor and in those small nooks and crannies present in every home, no matter how well-kept. We have found that where these spiders are present in the house, it is very easy for anyone doing normal housework to be bitten, simply by picking up after the family or dusting in difficult to reach places.


Don’t Ignore the Bite from a White-Tailed Spider

A bite from a white-tailed spider is a painful, stinging or burning sensation, followed by swelling or sometimes a persistent, painful red lesion.

The area can become itchy with some discolouration of the skin. In some cases, the bite can become ulcerated, and nausea and vomiting may occur. Most bites happen indoors at night during the warmer months. This is consistent with the spider’s habit of emerging at night to feed.

The most effective method of keeping white-tailed spiders in the garden where they belong is to call on our team of professionally trained eradicators to remove their food source from the house and its surrounds.

The black house spider is very common and just happens to be the white-tailed spider’s favourite food, so it is especially important to keep black spiders under control.

The white-tailed spider also eats the daddy-long-legs and the red back so these also need to be controlled.

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we understand the habitat and movements of these spiders. Give us a call and let us check your property to give you and your family peace of mind.