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Prevention is Always Cheaper Than Major Repairs

Most people who own a car would agree that regular maintenance and servicing prolongs its life, avoids breakdowns, makes it much safer to drive and generates a higher trade-in price.

Unfortunately, homeowners do not put as much effort into protecting their homes from destructive insects as they do into their cars. Their homes are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars more, yet arranging an annual pest inspection is not a high priority.

Silent and Destructive

If cost is the issue, we would like to present some frightening information and real costs in the case of a termite attack on a typical suburban home.

In most of these cases, substantial property damage occurs well before the occupants become aware of the presence of these little monsters in their dwelling. They will attack any timber whether it is posts, support beams, window and door frames, and flooring, and they will do it silently.

The average cost to repair a home damaged in this way averages between $7,000 and $10,000 although there have been horror stories of homeowners whose repair bill was many times more.

The cost increases with the amount of damage done and if structural repairs are necessary, the figure could increase substantially.

Insurers Will Not Pay Claims for Termite Damage

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we usually come into this scenario when the insects have been discovered and we are asked to eradicate them. We see the damage done and also the distress of the homeowners who now have to find the money to fix the property.

Most insurance companies will not insure against this type of damage. For people who are strapped for cash, the only solution is to take out a loan or increase their mortgage.

Barriers and Regular Maintenance: The Answer

This could all have been avoided if the homeowners took the same approach to the home as they do to their car. The first step we recommend is to install an invaluable termite barrier, which should be done by a professional termite specialist.

The cost of such a specialist is a few hundred dollars, plus the installation costs of the barrier. This barrier will last for some years, and for a small fee, an annual inspection will check for breaches to the barrier.

When the cost benefit of this regular maintenance program is compared to the devastating costs of an out-of-control infestation, you would agree that such a program is money well-spent.

Trying to cost the emotional toll is impossible, but we know there is one, and it’s all completely avoidable.