new house

Prevent your Dream Home From Turning into a Nightmare

You have finally taken the plunge and signed up for a new house.

After several months of living in your new home, you discover so many things that need to be fixed or replaced.

You find out that the total cost of the repairs almost equals the amount you initially paid for it. This is where the importance of building and pest inspection is evident.

There is no law in Queensland requiring building and pest inspection when a property changes ownership. However, it would be prudent for a person intending to buy a house to call in a professional building and pest inspector to determine the true state of the property.

What does Building and Pest Inspection Entail?

A home buyer will obtain an evaluation of some or all of the following during a house or building inspection: the structural integrity of the roof space or sub-floor; guttering; the base of the foundation walls; doors; ceilings; framing; plumbing; electrical wiring; and window space.

A building inspection will also involve checking for dampness and rotting, as well as parts of the house that do not comply with existing building regulations.

Pest inspection typically involves checking for the presence of wood-destroying insects, like borers and termites, and looking for any current and future damage these pests may have or will cause to the house or building.

Building and pest inspections should be carried out by professional inspectors. They have the skill and experience to evaluate the state of the house or property you want to purchase. Their report will help you decide whether a house or building is worth buying.

Building Inspection and Pest Control Services

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions is a pest control service company operating in the Greater Brisbane area. The company identifies the pest problems in your house and recommends the ideal solution to eradicate them.

The inspection process followed by Bob Gunn’s licensed pest control technicians include a thorough checking of not only the inside of the house, but also the entire area surrounding the house.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions offers the following building and pest inspection services: pre-purchase pest inspections, pre-purchase building inspections, pre-sale inspections, home inspections and thermal imaging.

The company’s technicians are fully qualified and licensed to perform building and pest control services on residential or commercial properties. Learn more about them and what they do here.