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Pre-Construction Termite Solutions

Dealing with termites is never easy. They come from the ground and quietly creep into the timber portions of the house.

Their presence is not felt until that time when the problem is in the advanced stage. An advanced stage is when floors are already creaking or are uneven, wooden posts and stumps are becoming damaged, and support posts are so damaged that the ceiling can potentially be falling on you.

The best way to combat termites is to start early. In fact, it is ideal that termite control solutions be implemented right at the start of the construction. This can be provided by termite specialist Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.


Starting Right

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions provides pre-construction termite inspections to protect the building against the possible onslaught of termites. The building will most likely be using wooden parts, so it will not be safe from termite infestation once it has been built.

Getting a pre-construction termite solution will help a great deal in protecting the building against termites. Solutions offered by the company include injecting your property with high-grade termite treatments and placing a Kordon termite barrier. There is also the option to install an Altis reticulation system.

Building Barriers

Before starting the building project, you first have to consult with the termite specialist to discuss the best solutions for you. Solutions can be either a physical barrier or a chemical barrier, although it is possible that a combination of physical and chemical solutions will be used.

The physical barrier is usually made up of a stainless steel mesh or graded granite stone to block termite entry into the area of the building.

The client can also choose to use a reticulation system to protect the home or commercial building against termite attack. The company uses the Altis reticulation system, which can be installed around the perimeter of the building.

The reticulation system releases chemicals that will deter termites from getting close to the premises. It is meant to treat the areas around the concrete slabs of the building.

Regular Inspections

Building these termite control systems underground and around the building will greatly decrease the chances of termites getting access to the building. However, there is never a sure guarantee when it comes to termites. They could get smart or some accidents could happen that will allow them to access the interior of the building.

Regular inspections should be done to check the barriers set up to protect against termites. The inspections are intended to test and check if there are loopholes that termites may find.