mosquito on skin

Pests Abound During Winter Months

You may be surprised to read this, but it is true. Most of us believe that once winter comes along, we are free from the usual pests such as flies, mozzies, flees, cockroaches, spiders and the like.

Whilst this is true to a certain extent, the interesting news is that if any pests such as these managed to make it into your home before the cold set in, they are there lurking somewhere and staying lovely and cosy warm!

The reason for this migration into your home is not only to get out of the cold and into the warm. It is more than likely that the usual food sources have dwindled due to the cold weather.

Because most pests are active at night you may not even realise you have an infestation. If pests did not defecate, vomit or transfer disease across kitchen benches and bathrooms, we would not worry so much about them

Cockroaches never hibernate and crave the comfort of dark, warm, humid sites, so before the real cold sets in it is a good idea to have a pre-winter treatment to stop the further migration of them into the warmer cracks and crevices of your home.

The professional pest control team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions are able to treat your home to ensure non migration is achieved.

Winter Does Not Deter Mosquitoes

We all associate mosquitoes with the warmer months probably because we are out and about a lot more and are definitely visiting coastal and river areas where they are more likely to breed.

Again, with their food source retreating to the comfort of warm homes mosquitoes must go further afield to get a tasty meal.

In the coastal areas, they are more likely to reach plague proportions as the damp, cool months offer more and more wet places to breed.

We are currently offering a great discount to have your property treated for mosquitoes that will save you $40.00.

If you own a rental property and are between old tenants moving out and new tenants moving in we are offering to treat any vacant home for the low price of just $99. How does it get any better than that?

Get through the winter months, pest-free.