The white tailed spider (lampona murina) is found only in Queensland although it has a sister species (lampona cylindrata) that prefers the cold and is found in the southern states and New Zealand. There are many similar species throughout Australia. They are easily confused with ground spiders and ant-mimicking spiders.

Identifying Characteristics

This is a slender spider, grey or black in colour, with the characteristic white tip at the end of the body that gives the spider its common name. Two lateral pairs of white spots can also be seen on the upper abdomen in immature spiders. The legs are shiny and the body is cylindrical in shape. Although it has a leg span of up to 5 cm, the white tailed spider is unable to climb glass.

Life Stages

After mating, the female spider produces an egg sac made of silk that contains many tiny eggs. When the eggs hatch and the spiderlings emerge, they look like miniature versions of the adult spiders.


The natural habitat of the white tailed spider is outdoors, in leaf litter, under bark or stones and on the bark of trees. It does enter homes and can be seen on the interior walls especially at night.


White tailed spiders have a strict diet of other spiders. They eat black house spiders, funnel webs and trap door spiders.

Detrimental Effects to Humans and Property

There is conflicting opinion regarding the effect of a white tailed spider bite on human beings. It had been widely believed that their bite caused necrotic lesions, and this is still reported in much of the information available about this particular species. However, recent research is now pointing towards this as being the result of diverse causes.

However, the bite is still painful and can cause redness and blisters at the site, localised pain and itchiness.

Eradication/Control Mechanisms

Spiders in general are difficult to eradicate completely, and the white tailed spider is no exception.

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