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Pest Control for a Spider-Free Home

The general consensus for many people is that having the odd spider hanging around the house is okay, as long as they don’t walk on the bed while we are sleeping. But what happens when the spiders have babies? Like any infant animal, baby spiders are really cute until there are hundreds of them running their webs down over your head while you are in the shower!

At the end of the day, sharing your home with spiders can become too much, even for the most Zen animal lover. So how do you let them know that they are not welcome in your space?


When it comes to insects, pets can be your front-line soldiers in keeping the population down, and the insects out of the house. Cats and dogs are the sentinels in a home. With their watchful eyes, they go for anything that moves, so they will assist you in your fight to take back your home from spiders.

Clean Regularly

The larger spiders eat cockroaches, so one way to ensure that there are no spiders is to ensure that there are no cockroaches, which means keeping the house as clean as possible at all times. Make sure that you regularly dust away cobwebs from corners of the roof, and ensure that there are no crumbs or food left out in the kitchen. Wiping surfaces with white vinegar is believed to be a great deterrent for insects and arachnids.


Adequately maintaining your home is an excellent way of keeping your home free from spiders. Check your home for holes and other breaches of the premises, and ensure that fly screens are in good repair so that insects do not find a way of getting inside.

When doing inspections of properties one place where Bob Gunn Termite Solutions always finds spiders, is in wood piles. If you don’t want spiders inside your home, you need to ensure that the outside space around the home is clear of debris, as spiders are attracted to dark corners.

Reduce Clutter

Spiders enjoy making their webs around cardboard and other clutter that is left sitting around the house for any length of time. Ensuring that the recycling is put out regularly and that the house is kept clear of mess and clutter will mean that there are fewer places for spiders to hide out.

Bring in the Big Guns

A good pest control company such as Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide pest control for a spider-free home. With our many years of experience in pest management, our team has come across every insect known to man and has learnt a thing or two about keeping spider populations down.