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When You Are Overrun With Creepy Spiders

Even though our business is pest removal and reduction, it is important that you understand that all insects, including creepy spiders, have a job to do to keep our ecological environment in balance.

We say this because spiders will usually keep your home and garden clear of other pests such as flies and moths.

Spiders, in turn, provide much-needed nourishment to a range of birdlife. Unless of course, it is the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula, then it’s “Birds Beware!”

Luckily, this is one of the world’s top ten deadliest spiders that are NOT found in Australia.

Joking aside though, if you have an abundant birdlife, you do not want to destroy their food or their health by letting them eat poisoned spiders.

Funny that Australia has such a reputation for deadly spiders. Yes, it is true that at least ten of the species of spiders found in Australia are reported as deadly but only four of them make the world’s top ten.

Interestingly, a death due to spider bite has not been recorded in Australia since 1981.

So when should you call in the Big Gunns?

If you find that your home is overrun with an invasion of these critters there is definitely an imbalance going on.

The concern is when it comes to an invasion of spiders that, whilst not necessarily causing death, can administer very painful bites that can fester long and painfully.

Deadly Spiders

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions presents a list of the spiders in Australia that are claimed to be the deadliest. They are as follows:

1. Sydney Funnel Web and some of its relatives

2. Redback Spider

3. Mouse Spider

4. Trapdoor Spider

5. White-Tailed Spider

6. Australian Tarantula

7. Recluse Spider

8. Huntsman Spider

9. Common Orb Weaver Spider

Please don’t stress if you discover these spiders in your garden. This is their natural environment.

It is important to note, as previously mentioned, that they may not kill you, but a small child, a sick person or an animal may be at risk.

The job for you is deciding the balance between letting Mother Nature have her way and protecting your family.

If you discover any spiders in your home, it is important to employ the services of a professional exterminator such as ourselves.

Working with certain insect poisons can be hazardous to the health of yourself and your family so it is important to have them administered by an approved licensee.