Although they are small and seen by some as cute little creatures, there is no room for wild mice in your home. While you can buy mice at pet shops, they are entirely different from the ones that are scuttling around your home at night helping themselves to food in your cupboard and more.

If you find you do have mice in your home, then you can try and treat this issue yourself with the use of bait and traps. This can help somewhat but, in truth, if you have seen a couple of mice in your home, there could be more. Without the right knowledge, you have no way of telling for sure.

The only true way to remove mice from your home is to contact our professional team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions. We have the knowledge and experience to seek out the nest of your uninvited rodent guests and ensure the problem is removed entirely.

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To find out what is attracting mice to your garden and home, keep reading.


The garden can seem like a wonderful safe haven to mice; there are plenty of places to hide undetected for longer than in the home and, often, there are food sources you didn’t even think of.

If you have a compost, make sure you are only composting the right items. Seafood, meat and dairy products should not go into compost. Also, you should ‘turn’ the compost regularly as this will discourage the critters.

If you have a compost bin, placing fine wire underneath can help keep out mice as well as covering the top with hessian or plastic.

Other attractants to your garden are pet food. Don’t leave leftovers out if your dog or cat is not eating the whole serving. Avoid feeding wildlife and remove any fruit or nuts that may fall from trees if you have them.

Check retaining walls for mice and keep the grass mowed and yards tidy. Bird aviaries or chicken coops need to be kept clean as well. To keep mice from making the garden to home transition, keep trees trimmed away from your roof.


Food sources are our number one issue with mice inside the home. Ensure that food is stored in sealed containers and not in boxes that they can chew through. Avoid leaving cupboard doors open to prevent their access to food and have any breakages in walls or the roof repaired as soon as possible.

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