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Building & Pest Inspections Are Essential but Not Mandatory

There has been a misconception in the industry that obtaining a building and pest inspection on a property you are considering buying is a mandatory step in the purchase process. Building & pest inspections are essential but not mandatory.

Termites to Be Used in Germ Warfare

The termite is such a clever little creature. It can wreak havoc on house and home and the amazing thing is you may never know they are there until it is too late. The repair bill can run into the thousands of thousands. Whilst the idea of using termites for germ warfare is just a […]

Local Pest Management Company, the Best in Queensland and Australia

There are thousands of pest controllers in Australia. That is why to be judged the best by your fellow pest controllers is quite an achievement. At the recent Australian Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) national conference, Bob Gunn Termite Solutions was judged 2014 Australian Pest Manager of the Year.