New Zealand Wasp, Lusius malfoyi and namesake, Lucius Malfoy

‘Good’ New Zealand Wasp Named After Harry Potter Character

In the attempt of clearing the tainted name of wasps native to New Zealand, a Kiwi researcher has named one species after a Harry Potter character. Unlike similar pests, New Zealand parasitoid wasps do not sting nor live in colonies. To redeem their soiled reputation…

US Air Force Battles Mosquitoes

US Air Force Battles Mosquitoes

A recent mission of the US Air Force happened over the Texan skies, fighting off the tiniest airborne invaders—mosquitoes. According to Master Sgt Bob Barko, Jr, the rains of Hurricane Harvey had overwhelmed local pest controls so much that it resulted in the Air Force Reserve Command’s 910th Airlift Wing being assigned to


Hong Kong Hospital Finds Maggots in Patient’s Neck Wound

Live maggots were found in a neck wound of a 62-year-old neurosurgery patient at Tuen Mun Hospital on the 24th and 25th of September. According to a Hospital Authority spokesman, the fly larvae were thriving around the opening for the patient’s tracheostomy tube and left ear.

A Peacock Spider species up close (Photo by Dr Otto)

Five New Spider Species Discovered in Australia

Five new species and subspecies of peacock spiders have been discovered in Western Australia. According to Dr Jurgen Otto, a peacock spider expert, there are approximately more than 60 species and subspecies of peacock spiders throughout southern Australia.

Man covered in bees

Man Wears Bee Beard for Over an Hour, Sets World Record

A man based in Canada has set a new Guinness World Record after wearing a massive beard of bees for more than an hour. The new record holder is …