Aragog, the character which the new spider species is named after (Photo from

Spider Species Named After Aragog From Harry Potter

Researchers have named a newfound spider species after Aragog, a humongous arachnid that is capable of speaking from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Bearing the scientific name “Lycosa aragogi”, the one inch-bodied (legs excluded) wolf spider crab has two black and three white stripes of setae, or hairs, located on its upper body.

By its mouth, the arachnid possesses a black setae which gives it “a charismatic look”. Moreover, black and white setae cover its abdomen.

The new species was found in a mountainous area of the Kerman Province in southeastern Iran.

Alireza Zamani from the University of Tehran said that Aragog from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” was created based on a wolf spider’s anatomy.

According to him, he and his fellow researchers were compelled to name the new spider after the fictional arachnid due to the “extreme” similarities between the two.

Zamani also shared that they thought it might be a good way to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Here are a few facts on wolf spiders from Zamani:

• They live for about three years.
• Rather than building webs, large wolf spiders stay in their burrows during the day and hunt at night, stalking their prey.
• Their egg sacs are carried on their bodies and, for better development, the developing spiders are exposed to light and heat periodically
• The mother keeps the newborn spiderlings on her back and feeds them for the first few weeks

“This nurturing behaviour is not so different from that of Aragog, who loved his colony of Acromantulas—a fictional species of spider—so much he wouldn’t stop them from devouring Harry Potter and Ron Weasley”, Zamani said.

The study was published in Zootaxa, a journal.


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