termites in mulch

Mulch Can Place Pests Closer to Home

Mulch is a fantastic addition to the garden, especially in our climate as it helps keep much needed moisture for plants in the hot dry months. Moisture, however, is also a friend to a variety of different pests such as termites and other insects. Some of these pests, termites in particular, have a reputation for ruining homes.

Our expert team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions already highly recommend regular pest inspections to ensure protection of your home but if you plan on using mulch in your garden then it is even more important. At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions we can provide you with professional pest control so that any nasties living in your mulch can’t move in any closer.

Applying mulch wisely

The fact that pests will already be living in the mulch does not mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits of this in your garden. It’s just a matter of applying mulch to your garden wisely and keeping a few tips in mind for protecting your home.

Don’t place mulch right up against the house.

Obviously occurrences such as rain can’t be helped but when watering or sprinkling your garden try to avoid getting this area wet as this will deter termites. If your garden or yard tends to stay wet then have your mulch no more than two inches.

This is because the deeper your mulch is the more pests there will be and a constantly moist yard will make the conditions even more ideal. Rake your mulch regularly to allow for a little drying out and aeration.

The absolute best way to ensure your home is not taken over is to organize a professional and comprehensive inspection.