Modern Eradication Techniques: A Job for Experts

Subterranean termites or white ants are among the most destructive of Australia’s insects. Every year, they cause major structural damage to the timber sections of both commercial and residential properties.

Unless we remain vigilant, changes in building construction methods and the type of chemicals allowed to be used in their eradication are giving these termites an almost open invitation to eat their way through our properties.

As a company specialising in termite control, Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has staff who have specialised knowledge about these insects, their breeding cycle, how they protect and maintain their habitat and how they can gain access to your home or business.

Recognising the signs is the first step to knowing you have a problem. The second step? Contacting us.

One Main Colony—More Than One Subsidiary

White ants live a very structured existence in large underground colonies that they use as a base to strike out from when looking for a cellulose food source. This food source is timber and they build underground tunnels from the main colony for up to 100 metres looking for it.

Once they find access to a food source like timber framing, they construct subsidiary colonies in places such as wall cavities or anywhere around a building where it is dark and moist.

An untrained eye may not notice small mud tunnels running along a concrete patio base or up the inside of brick foundations, but this is how they move from the main colony to the subsidiary. It is all very secretive and very silent. In the process they are eating away at any suitable timber within the structure.

Do Not Disturb

Usually, the first time we are contacted is when the building owner has found evidence of damage. We always ask if they have disturbed the colony and we are delighted if they have not.

This gives us the best possible chance of eradicating that particular colony. When the insects are disturbed, they abandon the colony and set up shop somewhere else, often close by.

Effective Modern Baiting Techniques

The effective termite treatments we use are baits designed not just to kill the subsidiary nest, but to take the substance back to the main colony.

The insects do this by eating the bait and getting the substance on their feet and bodies. Part of their routine is mutual feeding and grooming, and it is this process that we are able to exploit.

As they move back and forth from one colony to another, they spread the bait, which kills them.

Because they are rarely seen out in the open, look out for the mud trails, but better still, for peace of mind, contact us to arrange a termite inspection.