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Midges and Their Mighty Destruction

Enjoying the great outdoors is a pastime that many of us relish, but there are some things that can put a dampener on this experience, such as midges or sandflies. Though tiny, these little biters can wreak havoc when we head outdoors.

Whilst some are lucky to be slightly irritated by a midge, others can suffer greatly through infection and allergies to the bites. If there is no infection or allergic reaction, the bite of a midge will settle down and the itching will reduce. The bite then just becomes bothersome. For some people, however, red, uncomfortable welts can form and more.

Worst Case Scenario

Even though midges are unlikely to cause anaphylactic shock, their bites still can be quite serious for some. Young children tend to suffer more from midge bites as they are unable to stop themselves itching in the same way adults can.

Some species of midge spread leishmaniasis where ulcers can form on the skin. It is more common for bites to become infected if continued scratching occurs or if the area is not kept clean and dry.

If you find you have been bitten by midges, applying some form of ointment can help soothe the irritation. Children, in particular, should be encouraged not to keep touching the bites, particularly if the skin is broken.

Regular cleaning and, in children, band-aids can help prevent infection.

When Are They Out?

Midges tend to stick to being around at dusk or early morning but, in areas with severe infestation, they can last all day. Infestations can occur when there has been heavy rainfall and puddles are left about. In hot weather, this is the perfect breeding ground for them.

Outback areas tend to suffer more but we still do get quite a few in the coastal region too.

Prevention is Key

Try to cover up as much as possible when midges are about and avoid being outdoors early morning and dusk. If you must be outside when they are around, then a bug repellent can help.

As we have mentioned before, it is impossible and not entirely wise to completely eradicate midges when they occur. At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we aim to work with nature and not against it.

A consultation from one of our professional team can help you find ways to prevent the reproduction of midges around your home, thus hopefully reducing bites and discomfort that can be caused.