Melbourne Rail Works Lead to “Rat Plague”: A rat on a sidewalk

Major underground tunnel works ongoing in Melbourne have unleashed a swarm of rats to the city.

According to Melbourne lord mayor Robert Doyle, thousands of “subterranean” vermin have come out from hiding in recent months due to the metro rail tunnel construction.

The city council has hired pest control contractors to address the “rat plague”.

“It’s a bit of a field day for exterminators and certainly our officers are flat out laying bait as well,” Doyle, in an interview with ABC Radio, said.

“Rats or not, you’ve still got to be humane if you are destroying them. Nevertheless, you can’t have a rat plague overrunning the city,” he continued.

Rats have a September to November breeding season. This, along with the increased building construction activity, has led them to emerge to the streets.

“In any city…there’s kind of a sub-fauna existence,” Doyle said.

“Rats, mice, foxes, snakes, all manner of what you would consider to be alien to a busy city…they are there.” He added.

The city council utilises a multi-method baiting program to ensure rodents are the only ones affected. This program targets Flagstaff Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Carlton Gardens and Batman Park.

The Guardian. (2017, November 7). Melbourne ‘rat plague’ unleashed after rail works disturb habitat.

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