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Making Guests Feel at Home

Being in the hospitality industry is certainly not for the faint of heart – the hours are long and the work is hard – but it is very rewarding. In order to get it right, you need to ensure that you always put your guests’ needs first.

Making sure that they are comfortable is about more than making sure that they have great food and clean linen, it is also about them being as comfortable at your hotel as they are in their own homes.


Keeping the Hotel Clean

There are certain hygienic standards that need to be maintained in any business that serves the public. Legally speaking, you need to keep work surfaces clean and ensure that pests are kept under control.

Pests, in particular, can be a real problem if not handled properly – the hotel environment can provide an ideal home for them. There is always plenty of food on hand, water and several nice warm, dark places where they can hide.

The problem is that pests can be carriers of some serious diseases and they can cause serious discomfit to guests who come across them. Imagine, for example, breakfast diners seeing a rat run through the dining room. How long would they continue to stay at your hotel?


Pests are Part of the Business

Of course, we all know that keeping any kind of hospitality business pest-free can be trying at times. Sometimes the best you can hope for is to keep the numbers to a bare minimum. There are ways to control these numbers, however.

Controlling Pests in the Hotel Environment

The first step would be to call in experts in pest and termite inspections to see how bad the problem actually is. They will advise on the actual extent of the problem, potential problem areas and steps to take to get the pest problem under control again.

They will look particularly at possible points of entry for pests and advise you to seal those off. They will give you advice on how to make the environment as unappealing for pests as possible.

They will also advise on a regular spraying schedule to keep bugs in check in future. It is generally advisable, in the hotel environment, to have at least the kitchen and dining areas sprayed for pests at least once a month.

Making sure that your guests feel comfortable in your hotel is the only way that you will encourage them to come back and to recommend your hotel to friends. Seeing pests running around the rooms and passages will only create a bad impression in the minds of these guests.