Damaged electric wiring from mice

Rodents Cause Laurentian University’s Internet Outage

A recent internet outage at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario has been attributed to rodent activity

The internet of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario went down on the 30th of June 2017 due to a nibbled through connection.

Luc Roy, the university’s chief information officer, suspected rodents as the culprits.

He discovered the cause of the issue when he tried to check the strength of their fibre-optic wires.

“If there’s a rat listening, I would caution it to eat fibre because it is glass at the end of the day,” Roy said.

According to Roy, the school’s online network was restored within a few hours.

He shared that he has been faced with all kinds of computer problems before, but none like this.

“It Is More Common Than People Think”

Agilis Networks, the university’s fibre-optic internet manager, called what transpired an isolated occurrence.

For Laurentian, the incident was a first, but it is more common than most people think, Bill Dowd, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control president and CEO, said.

According to Dowd, electrical wiring attracts mice and rats because of its soy-based coating, which is a delicious food source for rodents.

He shared his experience of seeing animals destroy a new BMW’s cables.

“When they opened up the hood, there was a mother squirrel and babies inside”, Dowd said.

“All the electrical wiring was chewed, so this is becoming a more and more prevalent situation”, he continued.

According to Agilis Networks, the fibre eaten at Laurentian was plastic.

However, because the teeth of rats and mice continuously grow, Dowd said rodents will chew on anything for recreation and pleasure. “They’re basically a beaver”, he said.

One of the best ways to protect properties from rats and mice is to rodent-proof buildings by ensuring that there are no places where they can sneak through.

To get into a residential home, rats only need an opening the size of a quarter, Dowd said.

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