Kordon termite barrier when installed

Kordon Termite Barriers

When it comes to termites, it is paramount to take the appropriate action against them as early as pre-construction. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions knows how important prevention is, which is why we offer reliable termite protection that can match your situation and meet your specific needs.

One of the most effective termite prevention solutions we offer is the instalment of a Kordon barrier. Read on and learn more about this game-changing product designed by Bayer.

What Is a Kordon Termite Barrier?

A flexible laminate sheet, Kordon is a durable physical and chemical barrier between your home and the soil, shielding you from subterranean termites. It is made up of two tough layers with deltamethrin in between, a chemical that highly repels termites but has low toxicity to man and animals.

When and Where Is Kordon Installed?

During the construction process, Kordon is placed under your home and layered into areas that are easily accessible to termites without detection. These areas include concrete slab cracks, pipes sticking through slabs into the soils and tunnelling under your home’s footing.

What Can Be Expected Once Kordon Has Been Installed?

Termites, particularly those that enter properties through the soil, are forced to travel and create tunnels (or mud tracks) outside. This makes their activity visible and easier to detect, especially during annual inspections.

A Kordon termite barrier not only helps our team address your termite issue prior to the occurrence of any structural damages, but it also gives you the peace of mind you deserve. For more information about this form of barrier, contact us today or visit the Kordon website – http://www.kordonwarrantycentre.com.au.