mother and daughter in pest free garden

Keeping Your House Pest-Free with Bob Gunn Termite Solutions

Making the home more pleasantly livable involves keeping it clean and organised. A big part of keeping the home clean is ensuring that it is free from unwanted pests.

Pests tend to co-mingle, so if there is one type of pest in the house, it is likely that other types will no doubt be lurking around. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions knows the need for pests to be removed from the house to prevent pest-related diseases and allergies and protect the home from structural damages. This is why we have come up with effective pest control solutions designed to cater for any home with a pest issue.

We provide a complete pest control service, with each pest control solution targeted to the type of pest being treated. The pest control service has solutions for pests such as termites, cockroaches, spiders, redback spiders, ants, rodents, fleas, bees, wasps, lice, carpet beetles and any other pests that are commonly found in Australia.

Our company provides technical knowledge to help the homeowner understand the dangers that a certain type of pest can render, and then offers a solution for eradication. The pests’ living habits and life cycle are clearly identified to help know how to best attack them.

Servicing the suburbs of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, we utilise a process for thorough pest removal. The first part involves identifying the type of pest problem in the home, determining the severity of the problem and the specific pests that are in your home.

Although you might have reported seeing one type of pest in your house, there is a good chance that there are other pests that require your attention. Our inspection process is very essential for the licensed pest control technicians to develop a suitable solution to the pest problem.

After discussing the solutions to the specific pest problem, the homeowner gets to decide which solution to adopt. Possible solutions may include building chemical or physical barriers or reticulation systems against the pests.

Our pest extermination process involves getting to the root of the problem, finding the source of the infestation and keeping the home pest-free. Because pests tend to come back after a given time, we have come up with a computerised system to let you know if your property needs to be inspected again and treated for pests.

Our services are best to avail new buildings and renovations as well as old homes that are suffering from pest infestation.