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Keeping Uninvited Guests at Bay

We live in a region and climate that leaves our homes prone to pests and the kind of house guests no one wants to see. Spiders, mice, fleas and cockroaches are just a few of the pests Australian homes are prone to and sometimes even keeping the tidiest, cleanest home doesn’t help.

If you do have an infestation of some kind, it would be better to call the professionals in order to have these unwelcome visitors evicted—and that’s where we come in. At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we have extensive and prolonged experience in the field of all things to do with bugs, grubs and creepy crawlies.

We will visit your home and give you precise information on the extent of your problem after carrying out a thorough inspection using the latest technology to identify the cause and culprits inside or outside your home.

What we highly recommend is regular inspections of your home so that you can prevent matters getting worse with early detection. Having our effective termite barriers put in place will also go a long way to protecting your home.

In the meantime, there are some things to look for, which are good signs there is an issue or things to look out for, when buying a home for instance, that may be your downfall later.


Signs There May Be Pests

Vermin and parasites that eat your food and your home often leave telltale signs that give their presence away. Small mud tunnels around or leading into your home are likely to be from termites.

Despite these not being the nicest things to discover, do not destroy the tunnels as these can be inspected by us to help ascertain the kind of termite you have.

A very obvious sign of vermin is droppings, food boxes with corners chewed and a musky kind of smell in cupboards or other areas where they may reside.

In Australia, our cockroaches seem to be rather brazen with showing themselves. However, in the event you think you have them but are not sure, look out for shell casings from hatched cockroaches and their droppings, which can look like tiny bits of black pepper.


Keeping House Free of Pests

To help keep your house free of pests and in order to keep your sanity, there are some basic things you can do. Sweeping and vacuuming regularly will ensure that dropped food particles won’t attract unwanted guests. Store food properly and wipe down all benches, leaving no food scraps around.

Most pests are attracted to water sources so any blocked drains or leaking taps should be fixed. Screens are a great way of keeping bugs out and lids on bins remove temptation for hungry crawling critters.

If you’d like an inspection or a quote from us at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, give us a call or visit online at