black ants close up Queensland

Keeping Ants at Bay

If you have been subject to an ant invasion in this lovely pre-Christmas heat you might be mistaken for thinking that ants are a summer pest. This is not true. They will invade your home all year round.

What is the difference then? The rain. Ants are clever creatures. They know when rain is coming and they will move to higher ground to get away from flooding waters.

In the last few weeks Brisbane has experienced some pretty ferocious weather, so just like us, the ants are staying in, tucked up nice and dry.

Heaven on a Plate

Once the ants have settled into their new home they will go foraging for sustenance until they hit the jackpot. There is food in abundance everywhere in this strange land.

If you leave dirty plates out overnight because you are just too tired to clean them then be prepared to find these lovely little creatures swarming them.

If you’ve seen the movie Ant Bully you will know that the ants especially love sugar and call things like jelly beans sweet rocks so make sure your sugar bowls have a nice sealed lid and all food items have been stored in airtight containers.

The Places They’ll Go!

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions have been called to some pretty interesting infestations in our time.

You would be surprised the places we have had to clear of an invasion.

Once they have found a good reliable source of food it will be even harder to eradicate them.

So where will they congregate? Usually the kitchen because of its proximity to not only food scraps but also the rubbish bin.

If you have a bin in the bathroom they may like the feast they will find in there too and they may even take up residence in your bathroom to infiltrate your dirty clothes basket.

Obviously, their home will be hidden away from human eyes. Their home’s entrance will usually be through a crack in a loose floor board, the slit in a wall cavity or behind a cupboard, and under the fridge or dishwasher is a specialty as the motors of these appliances will keep their homes warm and dry.

So if you see an ant out “foraging”, if you don’t act quickly he will scurry off and tell his mates; so act quickly, don’t waste time and call us in to nip their assault in the bud and keep the ants at bay.