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Keep Your Children Safe From Bees

A bee inside your house or on your property can be worrisome, especially when there are children around. Bees can also be fatal because a person allergic to bee sting can easily go into anaphylactic shock.

It is not recommended to kill bees. Most bees sting, and their sting can even be deadly. However, there are types of bees such as the honeybees, bumblebees and Africanised honeybees that play a vital role in human survival. These bees are responsible for pollinating certain food crops that people eat.


When to Call a Local Beekeeper

If the bees have yet to build a wax hive, call your local beekeeper first. Sometimes, beekeepers will remove the bees for you without charge.

Typically, the beekeeper will coax the queen and other bees inside a box. The box will be closed with a lid and punched with holes where the other bees will enter to follow their queen. The beekeeper will probably wait until night to move the box and put the bees in another hive.


When to Call a Professional

Call a professional bee removal specialist if there is already a wax hive. Professional pest control will know how to deal with a swarm of bees. It is not advisable for you to spray the bees if there is already an established hive in a wall or attic.

Spraying would leave behind the honey, which will attract all kinds of critters and create a different set of problems. A professional bee removal service will take care of the bees, honey and hive for you.

If you have children or a family member who is allergic to bee stings, take a proactive approach to keep bees away. There are several ways to make your home and surroundings unappealing to bees.

Regularly mow your lawn, which will keep dandelions and clover that attract bees, under control. Remove the things that bees like to establish their hive, such as grass clippings, leaf piles, compost piles, thick grass and wood piles.

Remove anything that bees may consider a good place in which to overwinter and/or nest under, such as boards, stones, cement slabs, tyres, old doors and appliances, and plywood. Also, consider disposing of trees and shrubs that flower.

When you see bees your first instinct is to spray them to drive them away. However, sprays leave a foul odour, are expensive and are harmful to the environment. There are friendly ways to remove bees from your house or property. Using chemical pest control is not recommended because we actually need bees alive to keep food crops growing.