black ants close up Queensland

Helpful Tips on How to Keep Ants at Bay

Whilst there are some 3,000 species of ants in Australia, only a handful of them prove to be household irritants.

We understand the need to sometimes call in the big guns and call the professionals such as ourselves here at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.

We also understand that ants have an ecological role to play and that’s why we’re giving you some helpful tips to keep your home ant-free.

Food Sources

Most household ants like to be close to the action and, by action, we mean the centre of the home—the kitchen. We can recite many stories regarding the kitchen invasion of these tiny critters.

Storing food correctly is an absolute must. Keeping food in airtight containers and refrigerated where necessary will go a long way towards deterring ants.

Even having a speck of food, such as gravy, on a bench top can be all that is needed to alert the army to proceed.

Empty your bins regularly as this is another tasty target.

Gardens Bordering Your Home

Gardens are the obvious place for ants to occupy. If you have a garden placed against the boundary of your home, this is not only a sure invitation to ants, but also offers the protective cover they need to go about their busy day.

As they love and require moisture as well, many ants may live in mulch and under rotting logs, usually feeding off decaying matter from plants and other such items.

If any of these gardens are placed near a weeper vent in brickwork or a lovely crevice between a post and flooring of an above ground home you have left a lovely protected entry.

If a garden already exists, a regular trim of any foliage hiding these access points as well as a visual inspection every few months is highly recommended.

Even pathways around the house need to be visually inspected regularly as ants will travel a fair distance to achieve their goals. On a final note, a window or even a hole in your eave can be an access point for this industrious little critter so be mindful to check up the walls of your home when conducting your inspections.