Rodent in a car

5 Ways to Keep Rats, Mice and Other Rodents Out of Your Car Engine

Whilst you use your car for transportation, rodents see it as a pantry and even a new home.

Today, the insulating material in cars is soy-based, making wires especially tasty to rats, mice and other rodents. The closed hood also provides them with excellent shade for nesting.

You’d want to protect your vehicle’s wiring the most as having the insulation chewed off from wires causes short circuits. Without a doubt, these lead to an arm and leg’s worth of restoration.

After the repairs, rodents may go back to work and cause the same issue all over again, which is why it’s important to prevent them early on.

There are several methods that can prevent these critters from causing mayhem to your vehicle. Combine any of the following techniques to effectively keep rodents out of your car engine:

1. Leave the hood up. When it comes to nesting, dark places attract rats and mice the most. This idea may discourage them to nest, but may not be practical in all cases.

2. Keep pet food out of sight. Rats love dog food and will stuff lots of it into the glove compartment, air cleaner or other vacant spaces in your car.

3. Remove or block potential hiding places near your car. If there are shrubbery and vines nearby, cut them down as rodents can turn them into their hiding place. Also, if you have a garage, seal off rat-sized entrances to the building.

4. Block small passages to the engine compartment. Put traps around your car or on top of the tires since rodents climb on them to get into the engine. You could also use wire screen to block engine openings.

5. Do not leave your car unused for a long time. It helps to take your vehicle out for a drive once in a while and check if rodents have been doing electrical or mechanical work.

When to Call a Professional

Whilst you can use old-fashioned snap traps, cage traps and glue traps for the rodents that get through, it’s more advisable to take advantage of the services of a fully licensed pest manager — such as Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.

With our top-notch, environmentally-friendly pest treatments, we’ll protect your vehicle from destructive vermin and ensure they never come back.

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